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(Words “you” and “your” refers to the owner, conversely “We” and “our” refers to Kirkby Kennels and Cattery)

  1. All pets are boarded at Kirkby Kennels and Cattery without liability for loss or damage from disease, death, theft, fire or injury to persons, other pets or property by the said pet, fence climbing, escape due to aggressive/inappropriate behaviour towards Kirkby Kennels and Cattery staff or other animals boarding or other unavoidable causes, where due diligence and normal care and attention have been exercised.

  2. All dogs must have been vaccinated against Canine Parvovirus (CPV), Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) and Canine Denovirus (CAV) and other relevant diseases. Cats are to be vaccinated against Feline Panleucopenia Virus (FPV), Feline Herpesvirus (FHV) and Feline Calicivirus (FCV). (www.gov.uk Dec 2015). The course of vaccinations must have been completed at least 4 weeks prior to boarding, or in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. We strongly recommend that all Dogs are covered by the Kennel Cough vaccine. Vaccination cards to be produced on arrival, a copy will be taken and the card returned to you. The paperwork will then be held on your records. Kirkby Kennels and Cattery highly recommend that all pets have flea and worm treatment prior to boarding as we cannot take responsibility for the possibility of cross contamination.

  3. The owner agrees to be solely responsible for any harm, damage and any and all acts of behaviour caused by their pet(s), whilst it is in the care of Kirkby Kennels and Cattery for boarding.

 4. Where requested, we will board more than one pet from the same household together in a kennel/pen. However, we reserve the right to place them in separate kennels/pens should the need arise; this will be at the owners expense  

5.  All pets are insured for veterinary cover whilst boarding. If a pet becomes ill to the extent of needing professional attention, we will,at our sole discretion, seek the services of a vet. Any veterinary and nursing fees, petrol and time taken will be charged as extra. In the event of the pet developing an infectious disease, we are authorised to send the pet to a veterinary surgery at the owner’s expense. This bill must be settled on collection of your pet(s). By special written prior arrangement we may use your veterinary practice for continued care, whilst your pet(s) is/are boarding.