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6.  All advanced bookings for over 7 days will incur a 10% non-refundable deposit. A 50% deposit must be paid, on drop off, if your pet is boarding for longer than 10 days. Refunds for early collection will be at the discretion of Kirkby Kennels and Cattery. The outstanding boarding fee will be due on collection.

7.  Any beds, bedding, toys, clothing, collars, leads, harnesses, muzzles, treats etc., supplied by the owner are left and worn at their own risk. However, we cannot guarantee that they will be returned in the same condition or at all due to the event of them being damaged/destroyed by the pet(s). Any harm/damage done to the pet(s) as a subsequence of these, resulting in veterinary attention, will again be at the owner’s risk and expense.

 8. Collection must be made by 10am or a further full day will be charged. Animals accepted and collected during business hours only. No pet will be released to a third party without a letter of authorisation or a ‘password’. If full cost of boarding has not been paid, they must settle the outstanding charges before releasing the pet(s).

 9. The owner warrants that the pet(s) being boarded, to the best of their knowledge, is/are in a fit and healthy condition including 14 days prior to boarding. Written information must be provided of any veterinary treatment every time the dog is boarded. Written details of any special diets, allergies, injuries or ailments must accompany the animal on every boarding.

 10. We will provide the pet(s) with their normal diet as directed by you. However, consumption of this diet might change whilst boarding and we therefore take no responsibility if your pet(s) have lost or gained some weight during this time. Any special dietary requirements will be given as per owner’s instructions. All reasonable efforts will be made to administer oral medication or to apply external treatments as directed. (Charges may apply). However, if veterinary assistance may be required without prior consultation, this will be at the owner’s expense.